UWRI’s Mission


Dedicated to Sustainable Urban Watersheds…

…for nearly 15 years.


the urban watersheds research institute…

…is a Colorado based 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation dedicated to the sustainable environment and water resources of communities, with primary focus on urban centers. The Institute is also licensed by the State of Colorado as a charity, eligible for State tax free donations.  

The Institute focuses on achieving its through the development of technical, institutional, legal, and economic information by: 

  • promoting research

  • conducting seminars, technical training classes and workshops

  • participating and helping to organize conferences

  • offering scholarships to engineering students

  • participating in various urban water resource related activities

Topics of most immediate concern to the Institute include: 

  • Urban water resources,

  • Storm water system modeling technology,

  • Storm water quality and quantity management and design,

  • Floodplain management and flood damage mitigation,

  • Restoration of degraded rivers, streams, lakes and other receiving waters,

  • Urban ecology protection,

  • Community needs, including aesthetics and function,

  • Economic sustainability.

Since its creation in 2005, the Institute has focused on developing technology and transferring information to professionals that work for the public and private sectors.  

We ask for your support of our mission by sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. You may contact us by emailing us at info@uwtrshd.com.